Melancholy February

I sat there motionless,
Feeling pains that countless,
Tears falling down to the floor,
In this soul….so hollow.

Losing burden rests upon my shoulders,
Is this the feeling I should suffer…?
From the one this heart surrenders.

You and me,
We shared our dreams and laughter,
Pledge to live and die as together,
Nothing in this world even matter,
When you with me, I feel better.

But you… You disappear,
I know nothing could last forever,
It will be sooner, or it will be later,
I just wish you come back and be here.

Wrap these silences around me,
Sorrow and darkness all that I see,
I hope you happy instead of grief,
Looking me touch the pain you left me with.

You’ve reached the sky,
You've said your goodbye,
I will live and try not to cry,
But roses in my heart shall die.

As period swiftly move,
My love for you will extend,
My love needs no prove,
I hope you will understand……
~you make me laughed although I refused to smile~

Wrote By : Hazwan J. Arif

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